CPU Usage and overheating issues

CPU Bound
Warhammer Vermintide is a CPU heavy game, mostly due to the amount of enemies we spawn and the amount of action going on at any one point in time in the game. With a high end GFX card your system is likely to be CPU bound (which is rather unusual - most games are GPU bound). Because of this we are currently having issues dealing with processors without adequate cooling system in place. We have reports of abrupt dips in frame rates due to cpu throttling, BSODs or crashes. This is most likely due to the fact that we want to use all available CPU to produce the highest possible framerate - therefore the CPU will work under constantly high workload that can cause overheating if your cooling system is not working efficiently enough, this is especially important if you have overclocked your system.

So how are we addressing this?
Rest assure that we know we have these issues. Improving performance is something that we are continuously are working on - both up until but also after release. We are constantly doing updates to our CPU demanding systems and we are currently focusing hard on reducing the performance impact and raising overall framerates. We are also looking into providing a more dynamic way for users to throttle their CPU usage using ingame settings. This will decrease framerates, but might save you from overheating your system. The important thing here is that we do not want to throttle the CPU for users that are not experiencing this issue, with CPU's that perform as expected under heavy load we want to use that performance.

We are also working with our Hardware partners to get to grips with the issues and get their input into how to solve certain highly affected system configurations.

Vermintide is a title with a long term plan - both for extra content, features and tweak updates but also for tech improvements to stay on top of the latest hardware developments combined with support for a broad player community. This will allow for better frame rates, less demand on hardware and better game experience.

What can you do?
  • Locking the frame rate (start with 120, down to 60 and as low as 30) is also a good way to verify that you are indeed having overheating issues as it should give your CPU some leeway and not force it up to extreme temperatures.
  • Try using VSync
  • Avoid lowering graphics settings, lowering the GPU specific settings will most likely make your GPU finish frames faster forcing the CPU to work even more to catch up. Set your GPU setting that makes your GPU and CPU work just as hard is ideal.
  • Make sure your cooling system is healthy. Check that all fans are working and the cabinet is free from dirt.
  • Consider using or updating the cooling paste.

Help us improve - we need debug data!
  • If you are overclocking your CPU - it would be of great help for us if you could try to run the game without overclocking the CPU to see how it will affect your freezes or crashes.
  • If you have temperature data from a session we would love to look into that and see if it correlates with the issues you are experiencing.
  • If you experience higher than average CPU usages (Relative to your normal Vermintide cpu usage) in specific situations, using specific third party software or after specific patches. Please let us know we might have issues that actually put unnecessary strain on your CPU. These bugs need to be squashed.