Are you experiencing low performance and audio stuttering? Check here!

Low performance in-game can be caused by several factors and even though you have a high-end graphics card there are settings that only affect your processor and thereby pulls down your general frame rate. Check out some of these settings to get the optimal performance in Vermintide:

In Graphics Settings, you can hover over each setting to see if it affects your GPU or CPU.

For better CPU performance:
1. Lower Local Light Shadow Quality.
2. Lower Max Shadow Casting Lights to under 4.
3. Turn off Sun Shadows.
4. Turn off Physics Debris.
5. Lower the Sound Quality, found under Audio Settings.

For better GPU performance
Turn off some or all settings found under Anti-Aliasing. These options are heavy on the GPU.
If you think your video memory is not enough your can try to lower the settings of "Character Texture Quality" and/or "Environment Texture Quality".

Audio stuttering
If you experience audio stuttering your can try some of these steps to fix the issue:

1. Cap your frame rate, you can find this option under the "Display" settings.
2. Set your audio quality setting to either "Low" or "Medium". You can find this option under the Audio Settings.

Switching of auxilliary software
We are working on solutions for these cases but until we have one it can be a temporary fix to close auxilliary programs that might interfere with the game. If you find a case where a running software interferes with Vermintide we appreciate if you send us a ticket with that info. Below is a list of softwares reported causing problems (this is still case by case - running a software might work for one user but not another).
  • Rivatuner
  • MSI Afterburner
  • Fraps
  • Open Broadcaster Software

If the solutions above does not help you in your problem you could try to bound the CPU.
(This issue have also been used to solve problems when it comes to hardware being overheated or just running hot)

We bound the CPU due to the fact that we have the potential of huge amount of enemies on screen on the same time. So when it comes to enemies, you won't get better framerate by changing your graphic settings.

In your Graphic Settings:
- You could try and lock your game to 60fps or even 30fps (we are looking for better more dynamic solutions for this and you will see them shortly).
- You could try to change your Stacked Frames from auto to 1 (have been reported to help for some users).